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Baby Sensory
0 Months - Walking


Once per week early & adequate stimulation program.

Sessions are divided in 3 Phases. Phases 1 and 3 are  Sensory ones, with 4 to 5 activities not lasting more than 3 minutes each, while Phase 2 is made up of Discovery time, where babies can learn from toys in our Play Area. Our classes have a maximum of 15 Babies.


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $215 for 12 weeks

Trial: $10 - Register Here


  • Thursday 10:30am

  • Friday 5:00pm

  • Saturday 9:00am

Class Size: 15 spots

Super Tots
15-23 & 24-36 Months


Once per week BILINGUAL developmental program based on the following learning and developmental domains:


1. Counting

2. Fine Motor Skills

3. Vocabulary

4. Textures

5. Gross Motor Skills

6. Cross-Lateral Movement

7. Vestibular Movement

8. Singing


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $230 for 12 weeks

Trial: $20 - Register Here


  • Monday 10:00am MIXED

  • Wednesday 5:00pm MIXED

  • Saturday 10:30am

  • Saturday 11:45am

Class Size: 8 spots

Música & DO
6*/13 Months - 4 Years


Once a week bilingual early childhood music and movement program.

In each class, your child will inmmerse in a musical atmosphere of play, song singing and dancing while developing fundamental skills through instrument play, tone, and rhythm exercises, and easy choreography moves.

*6 months babies allowed ONLY if registered also in Baby Sensory classes.


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $210 for 12 weeks

Trial: $18 - Call to Register


  • Wednesday 10:00am

Class Size: 10 spots


Soccer Tots
18-27 & 28-35 Months


The SoccerTots curriculum is a progressive program designed by experts with a comprehensive understanding of child development. The goal is to bring kids through the various stages so they not only grow their athletic skills and fitness but develop an interest and love for sports and aerobic activities.

Each stage builds upon the previous stage with unique challenges and new skill building games.


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $105 for 6 weeks

Trial: $18 - Login


  • Friday 9:30am

  • Friday 10:30am

Class Size: 6 spots

Let's Get Messy
9 Months-4 Years


Hands on Sensory play with

all-edible materials.


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $100 for 4 weeks

Trial: Not Available

Days: Mondays 10am + 3pm

Class Size: 6 spots


Have a group of friends and want a 4 sessions class?

Price: $35 per Kid - Materials included

Min.: 4 Kids

Art Apart
3-4* & 5-7 Years


Hands on arts and crafts program, inluding clay, plasticine, scissors, paint, canvas, and ceramics!

This program promotes self-image, sensory awareness, and independence, while allowing creativity, feelings and individuality.

We focus on the process and what kids are learning, more than the final product.

*3-4 years to work with parent.


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $150 for 6 weeks

Trial: Not Available

Days: TBA

Class Size: 6 spots

Righty Brain
1-5* Years


Advanced program to develop synapses and brain growth based on Doman, Shichida and Heguru methods for achievent of human potential.

Kids will learn about art, science, cultures, speed reading, vocabulary boosters, math spots, phonic words, sight words, peg words and linking memory.

*Very high parent involvement required.


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $150 for 6 weeks

Trial: Not Available

Days: TBA

Class Size: 6 spots

Mini Chefs
3-4* & 5-7 Years)


A unique culinary experience for kids while they "travel" around the world by preparing and tasting international cuisine.

They will be encouraged to learn and advance their math skills, geography, creativity, socialization and language.

*3-4 years to work with parent.


Lifetime Reg.: $25

Price: $150 for 6 weeks

Trial: Not Available

Days: TBA

Class Size: 6 spots

Mommy + Me Preschool

MOMMY + me preschool
2.5-4 Years


Parent and me bilingual preschool for stay-at-home parents that want to be part of quality preschool experiences WITH your toddlers, while being completely and extensively involved in the classes.


This is an attachment parenting set up, where each parent is going to teach the class with the help of a licensed preschool teacher.


It is a "free-learning" curriculum, inspired in the Waldorf and Reggio Emilia's approach to education.


Lifetime Reg.: $100

Lifetime Supplies: $100


  • 2 Days: $85

  • 3 Days: $130

Trial: Not Available

Days: Monday + Wednesday + Friday from 9am to 12pm (3 Hrs)

Class Size: 8 spots

*Parents must complete a FBI Level 2 and local background checks

Workshops + Services

Development Milestones
0-5 Years


You can follow your child's development by watching how he or she plays, learns, speaks and acts. Additionally, you will gain knowledge and understanding of psychological and social milestones met based on his/her psychosocial developmental stage.


Price: $45

WS Size: 10 spots

Parenting Skills
0-5 Years


The eight-week curriculum is based on themes consistent with familiar parent education programs such as STEP (Systematic Training and Effective Parenting), and PET (Parent Effectiveness Training). Each hour workshop becomes a setting for parents to learn new parenting skills in a format that emphasizes action in "real" situations. 


Price: $45

WS Size: 10 spots

Dr. Mommy
All Ages


Essential Oils 101 ad how to start incorporating them in your everyday lives; looking forward replacing commercial medicines.


Price: $45

WS Size: 10 spots

0-5 Years


Throughout life, people can undoubtedly count on changes or transitional phases. At an early stage, successful transitions into and from the early learning environment can be facilitated by a range of approaches that will be delivered to parents throughout this workshop


Price: $45

WS Size: 10 spots

Infant massage
0-9 Months


Infant massage has many benefits in the following areas: 



Stimulates all the systems of the body including the:


  • Nervous system

  • Circulatory system

  • Respiratory System

  • Elimination System

  • Immune System

  • Stimulates the release of oxytocin, known as the cuddle hormone (is released in both parent and child), prolactin (promoting milk production in the mother) and other endorphins.



  • Helps relieve tension built up from all the stimulation in the baby’s environment

  • Helps babies handle sensory stimulation and respond in a relaxed manner

  • Helps babies sleep better

  • Helps regulate sleep/wake cycle



  • Touch combined with vocalization helps reduce pain levels up to 80%

  • Helps tone digestive tract

  • Helps alleviate gas and promote elimination

  • Releases hormones for food absorption.

  • Releases endorphins, natural pain killers, to ease emotional distress



  • Infant massage draws on all the elements of bonding and attachment

  • Eye-to-eye contact, skin-to-skin, body scent, vocalization, taste, responsiveness

  • Hormones stimulated by infant massage promote bonding and attachment between parent and baby


Price: $255 for 5 sessions

Days: Tuesdays 9:30am for 5 weeks

WS Size: 10 spots

Includes: Literature + Strokes Guide + Natural Oil

Occupational Therapy
All Ages