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                                             The Super Tots Educational Curriculum runs for 1 year, divided into SIX Themed                                                               Courses of 8 weeks. Each course has 8 classes, once per week of 1 hour long, that you                                                 can choose from a specific schedule. 

                                             Its a BILINGUAL program, we speak English and Spanish during class. 

                                             Our Montessori style program will make learning fun with safe materials that educate                                                    your child through sensory play. It also creates a bonding experience with your kids                                                       inner persona and bonding with peers.

Our 6 Theme Courses that runs in a year are:


1. It's Fun Being Me

2. Animal Life

3. Planet Earth

4. Home Learning

5. Science

6. When You Grow Up

The Structure of our Class Meetings are:

1. We sing our Welcome Song!

2. Activities involving approaches to learn counting, colors and language development.

3. Activities involving Fine Motor Skills through Arts & Crafts.

4. Activities involving Gross Motor Skills, Crossing the Midline, Cross-Lateral Movements, like dancing, jumping, throwing and others.

5. Sensory Bins! that benefits your child with Creative Thinking, Imaginative Play and Life Skills.

6. Sing our Goodbye song

Super Tots
Ages 18 Months - 5 Years

This Course has 8 themes classes that are all about our Planet Earth.

What does includes our SENSORY SURPRISE BOX?

The Big Sensory Surprise Box! It's full of thirty (30) Tools that you will be using on each theme class. Besides, you will be receiving Educational Sensory Materials of 32 activities divided into 8 classes. That’s a lot! And you get to keep them all!! You can use the materials and tools over and over again with your child at home.

1. Space, Planets & Stars
2. Geography
3. Winter Season
4. Spring Season
5. Summer Season
6. Fall Season
7. Jack & the Beanstalk (Includes the Hardcover Book)
8. Recycle

        1. Pick the day and time available on our Schedule. Zoom Meetings are once per week for 8 weeks.

         2. The big box will be ship to any US location, so wherever you are, its free shipping.

         3. We connect for 1 hour on your phone or computer to a Zoom meeting with your teacher. This is for us                 to explain you: the parents, how to do the activities with the educational material. This is not for your                     child to look at a screen all the time, your kid is going to be playing with all the activities.

Classes can be done at indoors or outdoors area, where the child can be able to play (sit, run, walk or jump) during class.

Sibling discount is 50% off when shipping to same address and same course on the second child or more. Sibling package includes double materials and tools.

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Baby Sensory
on hold due to covid-19
0 Months - 13 months


The program runs for 1 year, divided into FIVE TERMS of 8 weeks. Each Term continues automatically, it builds on to the next one, following your baby’s physical and emotional development.

All activities are excellent for developing physical, social-emotional and language skills, eye-hand coordination, awareness of the world, and a love of music.

Class Size: 12 spots

1 class per week.

         Let's Get Messy           on hold due to covid-19
9 Months - 4 Years


Hands-on early stimulation class, that involves manipulation of edible materials, creation of textures and glow in the dark activities.

Aims to engage your baby and toddler’s creative thinking and creativity while strengthening fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, tolerance frustration and exploration of new stages of matter.


Class Size: 10 spots

1 class per week.